Art to Suit You brings you metal art handcrafted by Larry Rankin, Russell Rankin, Chad Davis and Carole Zacher in Washington State. The Art Pieces are mostly wearable and made from sturdy base metals. Copper, Bronze, and German silver provide our customers with designs that are Unique and will last many years. Each piece is designed to be individual. No attempt is made to copy a piece. We provide repair services and complete store credit on any piece that fails under normal use. Our sales experience will surely warm your hearts as our customers are also our friends. Special design requests are welcome.

People are the most fascinating of all art. For the last 30 years, we have been introducing people to products that are attractive and enhance life. Beginning with a family owned business designing, producing, and direct marketing fruit products from our own farm. We discovered the importance of a lasting relationship between producer and consumer. It has been our joy to share our talents with customers of all walks of life. We have declined to be involved with products others produced believing that the customer deserves to meet and know the producer. This applies to Art more than any other thing imaginable. So, it was natural for us to migrate into the art world. What we do may not be seen as perfection but rather communication between an artist and an enthusiast. Wearable art needs to suit the one who adorns it. It is from this fascination that we get our inspiration. We fully expect every visitor to be inspired to return many times whether they purchase or not

Welding is a third-generation tradition in Larry’s family. Several years ago, he realized the potential to be creative by welding. He observed others and began to practice his talent. Working with customers directly taught him to listen to the desires of their hearts and make and say the things that build people up. Carole excelled in service. Every customer must be satisfied to the fullest. Therefore, we display a sense of confidence in the art as well as in the service. We hope that our patrons will find us as interesting as we do them.